Pak violates ceasefire 2317 times this year, army kills 147 terrorists
Pak violates ceasefire 2317 times this year, army kills 147 terrorists

Srinagar: Pakistan continues to violate ceasefire along the border with Jammu and Kashmir. Through this, it tries to make way for the infiltration of terrorists in India. According to Indian Army sources, in the year 2018, there were 1629 cases of ceasefire violations and 254 terrorists were killed during this period. It also included a foreign terrorist commander. At the same time, speaking of 2019, till October 10, ceasefire has been breached by Pakistan 2317 times. This year, 147 terrorists have been killed in separate operations of the security forces within the border and the Indian border.

For information, let us tell you that Pakistan is continuously plotting to send terrorists from across the border. At the same time, innocent youth and children of Kashmir are being ruined by drug addiction. Youth are resorting to crime to fulfill drug addiction. This is also increasing the graph of crime in the city. At first, many youngsters take drugs for hobbies. Gradually, people become addicted to drugs.

Pakistan has been very angry since the Central Government removed Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. Imran Khan, who raised the issue of Kashmir on international forums and made his disgrace, is now taking a disastrous manner. The case of transporting weapons through drones in Punjab is also believed to be related to this.

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