400 kg lock, 30 kg key..., Ramnagari Ayodhya to have unique lock

Ayodhya: Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh is famous all over the world for its rhythms. An elderly couple living here has made a lock that has been making headlines on social media. Satyaprakash, a resident of Aligarh Jwalapuri, along with his wife Rukmani, has reportedly made the world's largest lock, which is 10 feet in length. It is also claimed that the lock weighs 400 kg, which is opened with a key of 30 kg.

According to media reports, the couple has designed this huge lock to dedicate the Ram temple being built in Ayodhya. It took six months to make the lock, built at a cost of about Rs 2 lakh, on which the shape of Ram darbar has also been carved. According to the report, the 6-inch thickness lock is of iron. The lock is 4 feet wide. Two keys have been made for this purpose. Satyaprakash, 65, himself works as a lock maker. He said government help is needed to promote this art. Interest has been charged for the lock that has been made now.

Satyaprakash has informed that several changes will be made to the lock before sending it to Ayodhya. For example, boxes, levers, hoods will be prepared from brass. A steel scrap seat will be placed on the lock so that it does not rust. However, they need more money for which they are also asking people for help.

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