53-Lakh new Aadhaar enrolments recorded in July this year
53-Lakh new Aadhaar enrolments recorded in July this year

NEW DELHI: Since over 53 lakh new Aadhaars were generated in July of this year, nearly all adult residents now have access to the system, and the overall Aadhaar saturation level is 93.41 percent.

At least 26 states and UTs currently have saturation levels of above 90%, according to the Ministry of IT. The majority of Aadhaars created in July belonged to people under the age of 18 (0-18 age group).

According to the ministry, Aadhaar registration, usage, and adoption are all proceeding smoothly across India, and by the end of July 2022, more than 134.11 crore resident Aadhaar IDs would have been generated. In response to requests from citizens, 1.47 crore Aadhaar numbers were successfully updated in July, and 63.55 crore Aadhaar numbers have now been updated successfully through the end of July.

These requests for updates relate to demographic and biometric changes made at physical Aadhaar centres as well as online utilising the Aadhaar platform. 

Aadhaar was used for 152.5 crore authentication transactions in July.

The demographic authentications were used for the majority of these monthly transaction figures (122.57 crore), then fingerprint biometric authentication.  A total of 7,855.24 crore Aadhaar authentications will have been completed by the end of July 2022, up from 7,702.74 crore by the end of June.

Both the ease of living and the convenience of conducting business are facilitated by Aadhaar, a digital infrastructure for good governance. The digital ID is assisting numerous ministries and agencies at the federal level and in the states with increasing efficiency, transparency, and the provision of social benefits to the intended beneficiaries.

Aadhaar usage has been announced for approximately 900 social welfare programmes nationwide that are handled by the federal government and state governments.

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