5G Cellular Network for Machine to Machine Communication
5G Cellular Network for Machine to Machine Communication

A major change is going to come to the tech world in the next two years. This change is named '5G Technology'. The new technology has already been officially launched in South Korea a few months ago. Soon the technology will be officially launched in several Western countries, including the US. The service will also be officially launched in India by 2022. The Central Government is ready to trial the service in the next 100 days. The information was shared by Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad as soon as he took over the ministry in the new government. In the next two years, India is likely to introduce this super fast internet and mobile network technology. It is believed that in the 5G service, not only humans but machines will also be able to talk to each other. Today we are going to provide you with detailed information about this service.

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The fifth generation of 5G is also known as the fifth generation of the mobile and network revolution. Device-to-device communication in this service can be several times higher than it is now. To illustrate, it takes 7 to 10 minutes if you download a 5GB size movie (HD quality) from the Internet. On the other hand, it will take only 40 seconds to 1 minute to download the same movie in 5G. This means that you'll get 10 times more internet connectivity than it is now. It will take very little time for one device to connect to another device. Before we learn more about the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 mobile platform that supports 5G, let us know how 1G to 5G has traveled and how long has it taken to complete the journey? The first generation of 1G was launched in 1979. It was officially rolled out in 1981. 1G used analog technology that could be used to make calls from one wireless device to another. It was not possible to send text messages to 1G, it was used only for calling.1G officially launched 2G in 1991, about 10 years after its launch. In 2G, users could send calls as well as text messages. In the same time, a device called Pager was also used for text messaging. If you were to deliver multiple information to someone, you would leave your message on the pager number.

For your information, the GPRS and EDGE networks were added to the 2G upgrade in the early 90s. Also, users could now access the Internet through 2G. Also, MMS (Multi-Media Messages) could also. Since then, mobile phones with multimedia support have started coming into the market. It may take about 1 month to download a 5GB HD movie in 2G. In the third generation of the 3G mobile network, users started getting internet service at multiple speeds than 2G. Users were now making voice as well as video calling. The 3G service was trialed in 1998 and was commercially launched in 2001. It took another 7 years to reach 3G in India. The 3G service started in India after 2008 and was rolled out commercially in 2009-10. If you download a 5GB HD movie on 3G, it takes about 24 hours.

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