Indira government fired bullets, Parliament House complex was red with the blood of saints
Indira government fired bullets, Parliament House complex was red with the blood of saints

New Delhi: On this day, on November 7, 1966, bullets were fired on a crowd of saints and saints outside the Parliament, demanding a law to ban cow slaughter. There is still doubt on how many sadhus were killed in this firing. This figure is reported to be between eight-ten to hundreds, but it was a major event in Indian history, which created a problem for the then Indira Gandhi government.

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On Thursday, the 53rd anniversary of the incident, some organizations protested at Jantar Mantar demanding a ban on cow slaughter across the country. The square at which the sadhus were shot, the organizations demand that the square be named 'Gau Bhakt Balidani Chowk'. In fact, the very famous saint of the fifties, Swami Karpatri Ji Maharaj, was constantly demanding a law to ban cow slaughter. But the central government was not considering bringing any such law. Due to this, the anger of the saints was continuously increasing. On November 7, 1966, lakhs of saints and saints from all over the country gathered outside the Parliament with their cows and calves.

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Barricading was carried out outside Parliament to stop the saints. It is said that the Indira Gandhi government was afraid that the mob of saints might break barricading and attack Parliament. The police were ordered to shoot the saints allegedly to avert this threat. According to a report, the then Home Minister Gulzari Lal Nanda felt that he would handle the situation through negotiations, but the matter got out of hand and reached the firing. Nanda had to resign after the incident.

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