'TRULY A MIRACLE' Nine-month-old baby boy suffers 25 heart attacks in one day and SURVIVES

Sep 11 2019 05:35 PM
'TRULY A MIRACLE' Nine-month-old baby boy suffers 25 heart attacks in one day and SURVIVES

Many miracles have happened in the whole world, which has increased the belief in the divine power of God. Let us tell you that a similar miracle has happened in Britain, which you will be surprised to know. A nine-month-old child, Theo Fry, had a heart attack 25 times in 24 hours. But he is perfectly healthy. British doctors are also calling this child named Theo Fry a 'Miracle Baby'. This is the first time in the world when a child has had a heart attack 25 times and is living a completely normal life. Theo Fry is now 2 years and 5 months old. Theo Fry was admitted to the hospital for the first time 8 days after being born in May 2017 when he was a victim of blood poisoning. The doctors had no hope of saving him. Theo had two holes in his heart due to blood poisoning. Due to which blood was not being pumped properly in the body. Because of which this development has happened.

The approval of open-heart surgery was given by Theo's mother Fow Sayers and father Steven Fry on the advice of doctors. During the same operation, Theo also had a heart attack twice. But his condition remained stable. He was discharged from the hospital in July. On 21 December, Theo's heartbeat again increased. He was again admitted to the hospital. His health continued to deteriorate. On 31 January, he received 25 heart attacks. Theo's mother Fow told that she kept on hearing the alarm bells in the hospital overnight.

For your information, tell me that Dr. Raman Dhanapuneni, who eventually led the treatment team, found Theo the reason for the upcoming heart attack. Please tell that the left part of Theo's heart was covered with tissue. Dr. Raman Dhanapuneni says that this incident is nothing short of a miracle. The condition of Theo's heart after 25 attacks within 24 hours was very risky. Anything could have happened. But we cannot call it anything other than a miracle. In medical history, this child will be called 'Miracle Baby'. God's faith and the doctor's faith gave a new life to this child.

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