A 25 year old woman took life of her two kids and committed suicide

Apr 22 2021 04:25 PM
A 25 year old woman took life of her two kids and committed suicide

A shocking incident reported from Hyderabad Peddapalli mandal, here a women took her and  children life. Let us share here in brief that a 25 year-old woman first killed her two children and ended her life by jumping into an agricultural well in Nimmapalli of Peddapalli mandal on Wednesday.

For your information let us share that as per reporting it is noted that she was harassed by her in-laws and on unable to tolerate harassment by in-laws, she took an extreme step. Woman named as Vijaya. It is also reported that after quarreling with mother-in-law and sister-in-law, Vijaya along with her two children Shivakrishna (3) and Srikruthi (2) left from the home on Tuesday evening and was found dead in an agriculture well on Wednesday morning. Villagers, who found the dead bodies in the well, informed the family members.

While police investigation to her husband Swamy. Husband informed to police that Vijaya called him and informed about the quarrel over phone when he was outside. He promised her to solve the issue after reaching home. However, she left the home by the time he reached the home. He immediately contacted Vijaya’s brother to cross check whether she went to her maternal home but she did not go there. They thought that she would come back in the morning. Unfortunately, she was found dead in the well. However, Police has registered a case and starting investigation on it.

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