Mumbai: Beggars and street vendors to get free vaccine under special session

Jun 17 2021 09:29 AM
Mumbai: Beggars and street vendors to get free vaccine under special session

Mumbai: The corona havoc in Maharashtra is now receding. You all must be aware that the second wave of corona caused the worst devastation in Maharashtra. At present, a large number of new corona patients are still available in the city, but now the positivity rate is much lower than before. Amidst all this, the government is running the vaccination drive in the city. All the people are being asked to get the vaccine done. At present, the government is vaccinating people in the special session. A Jain temple in the city, which has been built as a Covid Vaccination Centre, is now being vaccinated free of cost to beggars and street vendors. In fact, beggars and street vendors are being vaccinated under the Special Session.

You must be aware that these people are most exposed to other people and that is why they increase the chances of spreading corona manifold. In view of all this, the Government is also in the process of vaccinating beggars and street vendors at the earliest. At the same time, 10,107 new cases of corona infection have been registered in Maharashtra during the last 24 hours. At the same time, 10,567 people have recovered from the disease in the State and 237 infected people have died. The total number of corona cases in the state has now gone up to 59 lakh 34 thousand 880, and 1 lakh 36 thousand 661 active cases. Meanwhile, there have also been reports of vaccination scam.

In fact, many people living in a housing society in Kandivli area have been victims of vaccination scams. In the case, the society members alleged that "some people came as employees of a prestigious hospital in Mumbai and have been injected with fake corona vaccine". Moreover, people also have to say that "There was no message on our mobile after the vaccination. Apart from this, we were not allowed to take selfies or photos during vaccination. At the same time, no certificate was given to anyone at the time of vaccination".

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