Forest department team stunned after seeing rare snake after 84 years

Aug 09 2020 03:38 PM
Forest department team stunned after seeing rare snake after 84 years

Dehradun: After a long gap of 84 years, such a rare snake of red color has been seen whose teeth are like knives. This snake has been seen in Nainital of Uttarakhand. This rare snake is called coral cookery and its biggest thing is that its color is completely red. This snake was hidden in a house in Nainital, which was saved by the Forest Department team.

According to forest officials, this rare snake was first seen in Lakhimpur Kheri area of Uttar Pradesh in 1936. After this, it was named 'Oligodon khariensis' by the scientists. This snake is also called kukri because it resembles the kukhari (knife) of Gurkhas. The teeth of this snake are curved like blades of kukhari. Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Nitish Mani Tripathi told the snake that Kavindra Koranga, a resident of Kurria Khatta village in Nainital district, had sought assistance to rescue the snake on Friday morning.

He said that when we went there, the people caught the snake and imprisoned it in a plastic sack. Tripathi said that after saving the snake from the spot, the team was surprised. It was one of the rare snakes. The team left the cookery snake in the forest.

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