Unique Miracle in Madhya Pradesh Temple: Red Footprint Appears, People Claim
Unique Miracle in Madhya Pradesh Temple: Red Footprint Appears, People Claim "Divine Presence

In the town of Rajgarh, Madhya Pradesh, an astonishing event has unfolded at the temple of Ashtabhuja Devi. On Monday morning, during the routine cleaning, when the temple doors opened, there were footprints resembling those of a small child. These footprints led towards the idol of the goddess and then disappeared. As soon as the news spread among the villagers, it ignited a wildfire of curiosity across the entire region.

At present, devotees have flocked to witness and worship these footprints. This event occurred at the ancient and revered Hanuman temple and Shiva temple in the Jogi Mohalla of Byawara district in Rajgarh. Recently, the temple underwent renovations and during the secretive Navaratri festival, the idol of Ashtabhuja Mata was ceremoniously installed.

Sonu Jogi, who resides nearby and is responsible for cleaning the temple daily, was taken aback when he opened the doors to witness the sight of small red footprints. It seemed as though a child had approached the goddess's idol and then vanished.

Sonu promptly shared the news with others in the locality. Subsequently, people began chanting hymns and prayers in the temple, considering it a miraculous occurrence. As word of the incident spread throughout the village, it quickly became the talk of the entire area, drawing devotees from afar to witness and worship at the temple.

It's worth mentioning that this temple, already renowned for its sanctity, has attracted devotees from far and wide. However, with this new miracle unfolding, the number of worshippers has increased significantly.

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