Journalist Who Attended Kamal Nath's Press Meet and His Daughter Discharged From Hospital
Journalist Who Attended Kamal Nath's Press Meet and His Daughter Discharged From Hospital

Bhopal: Corona outbreak in the state has been rapid. At the same time, a good news has also come out. In the city, the corona virus-infected woman and her father returned to their homes on Saturday. On March 22, a 26-year-old woman was found positive in the test, which was the first infection case here. The travel history of this woman is from Britain. She returned to Bhopal on 19 March.

Let me tell you that many tests were done to confirm that the result was negative. Samples of father and daughter were taken several times for the test. Dr. Sarman Singh, director of AIIMS Bhopal told PTI, "Both father and daughter were discharged from AIIMS on Friday night. 'On March 21, the woman was tested for corona virus. Four days later, his 62-year-old journalist father was found infected. Both were admitted to AIIMS, Bhopal. On March 20, a few days before he was found positive, the journalist attended the press conference of the then Chief Minister Kamal Nath. After this, there was an increase in anxiety among all the journalists who attended that conference. Let me tell you that the woman was doing post graduation in London and came to Bhopal on 18 March via Delhi.

For information, let us tell you that Bhopal Divisional Commissioner Kalpana Shrivastava has confirmed that the father and daughter have been discharged after being completely healthy. According to the World Health Organization, as of April 3, there are 2,301 cases of total infection in India, of which 56 have died. At the same time, 976,249 infected cases have been confirmed in 206 countries around the world. A total of 50,489 people have died in this case. It is worth mentioning that at the end of last year, the coronavirus case started from Wuhan city of China.

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