OCI card canceled for Aatish Taseer calling Prime Minister
OCI card canceled for Aatish Taseer calling Prime Minister "Divider in chief"

Atish Ali's Overseas Citizenship of India card has been revoked to the author who speaks of 'divider in chief' to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Britain-born Pakistani-origin writer Atish Ali Taseer called Prime Minister Narendra Modi a 'divider in chief' in the Time magazine before the Lok Sabha elections. It is reported that he allegedly hid the fact that his father is of Pakistani origin. Let us tell you that the father of Atish Taseer, Salman Taseer, was the governor of the Punjab state of Pakistan, who has been shot and killed.

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According to the information received, a spokesperson of the Ministry of Home Affairs said that according to the Citizenship Act 1955, Taseer was ineligible for the OCI card. Because the OCI card is not issued to anyone whose parents or grandparents are Pakistani.

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According to information received from the sources, the Ministry of Home Affairs said that 38-year-old Taseer had clearly not fulfilled the very basic requirements and has not told about the information. And according to the law, if a person fraudulently obtained an OCI card by cheating or concealing facts. So the cardholder's registration was canceled. He has been blacklisted. In the future, his entry into India has also been banned. If sources are to be believed, the spokesperson also denied that the government has considered canceling Taseer's OCI card since writing an article in Time magazine. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been criticized many times in this article.

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