SSR’s birthday: Abhishek, Pragya fulfils one of the dreams on special day
SSR’s birthday: Abhishek, Pragya fulfils one of the dreams on special day

Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput was born on this day but is no longer in the world. He said goodbye to the world on June 14 in the year 2020. Today, people are remembering Sushant's birthday. There are many dreams of Sushant, who embraced death. He is not in this world today, but his dreams are still alive today. He wrote in his diary about his dreams. Now that Sushant's first berth is an animal, his special friend and director Abhishek Kapoor, who has worked at Kedarnath, has fulfilled his dream.

In fact, Abhishek Kapoor and his wife Pragya have decided to have a dream of Sushant. In fact, he has chosen today's day to fulfill the dream of Sushant, which is Sushant's birthday day. Pragya is an environment and she has planned to plant trees on Sushant's birthday. Today, the two together are going to plant about 1000 trees. However, the dream was at the 11th in the Sushant list.

Sushant shared her 50 dream list on social media which we have already shown you. At the moment, Pragya told a website: "No desire should be left incomplete. Sushant had seen many dreams that she wanted to fulfill. We cannot complete all, but we can do it to plant 1,000 trees. This is the right way to celebrate their berth anime.''

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