African Swine Flu Outbreak in Kerala Village: Pigs Scheduled for Culling
African Swine Flu Outbreak in Kerala Village: Pigs Scheduled for Culling

Kannur: An incident involving the outbreak of African Swine Flu has come to light in the village of Kanichar, situated within the northern district of Kerala. Subsequent to this discovery, the district's Collector has issued an order to cull pigs present on two farms in the vicinity.

On Friday, officials from the district's animal husbandry department confirmed the presence of the flu at a privately owned farm located in Malayampadi. Consequently, district authorities have mandated the culling of pigs not only on the affected farm but also on another neighboring farm within a 10-kilometer radius. The carcasses are to be interred following established protocols.

The area encompassing a one-kilometer radius around the initially infected pig farm has been designated as a contaminated zone. Furthermore, a perimeter of 10 kilometers surrounding the affected area has been marked as a zone for disease surveillance, according to reliable sources.

To prevent the transmission of the disease, the distribution, sale, and transportation of pork have been prohibited for a span of three months within the affected region.

In addition, the Collector, who also serves as the head of the district's disaster management authority, has directed local authorities to promptly furnish a report confirming whether pigs from the impacted farm were relocated to other farms during the past two months. In the event of any new instances of the disease emerging within the village panchayat, the disaster management authority is to be notified immediately, as stipulated in the issued directive.

The veterinary officer stationed within the hamlet has been entrusted with the responsibility of swiftly implementing measures to curtail any further proliferation of the ailment, as outlined in the directive.

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