After Blue whale, Momo Challenge is making people it's victim
After Blue whale, Momo Challenge is making people it's victim

ost people have smartphones in today's time. Because of that, we spent a lot of time on social media. If you or your children are also active on Facebook and Whatsapp, then you need to be careful. Do not save any unknown number on the phone because this number can prove to be fatal for you. This can be the number that is responsible for the death, named Momo. 

After the Blue Whale and Kiki Challenge, these days the Momo Challenge on social media is becoming quite viral. It is spread through the Whatsapp. It is claimed that the Momo Challenge is from Japan, and the horror picture that is being used by it was made by Japanese artist Midori Hayashi. However, Hayashi has nothing to do with this game. This challenge is quite risky. On not fulfilling the given work, Momo scolds the user and threatens to punish hard. Because of which the user is afraid to obey his order.

The user goes into depression and becomes compelled to give life. Most of the young and children who take this challenge are seen doing so. According to cyber expert, 'Momo Challenge' has many dangers. Through this game, criminals engage youth and children in their trap. After stealing their personal information, they use it to blackmail their families and demand ransom. Not only this, they indulge in suicide by putting them in tension.
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