After Drugs Now Youth In Punjab Getting Victims Of This Dangerous Disease

After drug abuse, the youth of Punjab are now getting caught up in the deadly disease like AIDS. It is not because of sex but drugs. 16 youths from the same village in Sangrur district were found to be AIDS and HIV positive. With so many AIDS cases suddenly coming up, the state government was also shocked. According to sources, when the family of a 17-year-old youth from Badrukhan village went to the hospital and examined his blood, the family came to Cana.  The young man was suffering from AIDS. The AIDS-ridden young man told the family that he and his nearly 20 companions were using the same needle to deliver drugs to their bodies.

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When blood samples of the affected youths were taken in the village, eight of them were found to be AIDS sufferers. After the news spread, the family and administration of the AIDS affected youth were trying to suppress the case. This revelation made the state government sleepy. The officers got into action. The SDM of Sunam and the DSP village of Badrukhan were seen alerting the students of the government school about the losses caused by intoxication. Sadly, however, the eyes of the administration are open only after HIV positive was found among the youth in the village.

According to a report to date, the needles used in many places in the village are littered with drugs and wildus. The youths of the village were using these items again to carry the intoxication into their bodies. It is estimated that dozens of youths in the state may suffer from ADS due to addiction.

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