After threats of sanctions, Tesla revises its 'Wrong' claims about the Model 3 range
After threats of sanctions, Tesla revises its 'Wrong' claims about the Model 3 range

Tesla, an United states electric vehicle company, has been ordered to amend its advertisement in South Korea misrepresenting the Model 3 EV's range. The move comes only days after the Korean Fair Trade Commission, an antitrust agency, determined that Tesla had overstated the performance of electric car batteries and launched fines against the company.

According to Tesla's Korean website, the Model 3 car "can go more than 528 kilometres on a single charge." Tesla defines the Model 3's performance on its US website as "Go anywhere with "up to" 358 miles of projected range on a single charge." 358 miles is around 576 kilometres, which is significantly less than Tesla's claims in South Korean markets. Tesla changed the range from more than' to a 'maximum' 528 kilometres when local media raised the matter and the regulator interfered.

Tesla was cited by the Korea Fair Trade Commission for violating the Act on Fair Labeling and Advertising. "The KFTC intends to provide the carmaker with an opportunity to reply to our findings before holding a general meeting to assess and determine the extent to which the automaker has broken the law and set the appropriate level of sanctions," one of the commission officials said.

Tesla is also being probed by the Korean authority for non-compliance problems. When a domestic buyer tries to buy an electric vehicle on Tesla's Korean website, the company obtains an order charge of 100,000 won (approximately equivalent to about 63 lakh). Regardless of whether the vehicle is shipped or not, Tesla apparently does not refund the order fee if the customer cancels the order. According to the Korean Fair Trade Commission, this is a breach of a consumer's right.

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