Aga Khan Museum apologises amid uproar over Maa Kali's poster

The poster of filmmaker Leena Manimekalai's documentary 'Kaali' has created an uproar all over the days. People are seen strongly opposing the show of Mother Kali smoking cigarettes in the poster and are engaged in demanding a ban. In the meantime, seeing the controversy growing, the Aga Khan Museum has also demanded an apology.  

The Aga Khan Museum said in its apology statement, "The museum apologizes that one of the 18 short videos screened here has hurt the sentiments of Hindus.''

Reports say that Maa Kali posters were also displayed at the Aga Khan Museum under the 'Under the Tent' program by different religious-social groups in a project presentation of Toronto Metropolitan University, after which they apologized. Have done it too. Earlier, the Indian High Commission of Canada had demanded the authorities to remove all such poster videos which hurt religious sentiments.

Is it Ok to hurt religious sentiments in the name freedom of Expression?

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