Ajay Devgn's film helped Harsh Poddar to win 50 Lakh: Kaun Banega Crorepati 14
Ajay Devgn's film helped Harsh Poddar to win 50 Lakh: Kaun Banega Crorepati 14

Brij Kishor Singh, a diamond cutter from Surat, introduces the roll-over contestants in Kaun Banega Crorepati 14's most recent episode. After winning Rs. 1,60,000 in the prior episode, Big B asked him a question worth Rs. 3,20,000, but he didn't know the answer, so the amount was reduced to Rs. 10,000. Which of these cities is well-known as the international diamond industry's hub? Big B read out. Brij Kishor used his second lifeline 50/50, but he was unable to predict the correct response. Option C, Antwerp, Belgium, was the right selection.

Big B played yet another round of Fastest Finger First after Brij Kishor Singh left the programme, and Harsh Poddar from Delhi was put on the spot. Mr. Bachchan welcomed him to the programme and said that this was the first time a contestant had correctly answered all three questions in a short amount of time. The 35-year-old, whose wife is a dentist, comes from a family of doctors and works in the medical supply industry. The contestant explained during his introduction how he entered the medical supply industry after coming from a family of doctors. He also mentioned how his father had helped him overcome his doubts and had led the way to the business model.

The game between Mr. Bachchan and Harsh Poddar then continued. An image question was the first one Harsh had to answer in exchange for Rs 1000. Which animal's tail does not become straight, according to a proverb in Hindi? He correctly selected option A) of the image. He arrived at the first Padhaav of Rs 10,000 after responding to the subsequent questions. Which of these deliveries is referred to as a "bumper" as well? He overcame the first obstacle by selecting C) Bouncer.

Big B refused to divulge the names of his favourite Indian cricketers during their discussion of their favourite players, and he joked that if he had not become an actor, he would have joined the diplomatic corps. He argued that since everyone was one of his friends, they would all beat him up if he forgot anyone's name.

Harsh was shown a scene from a movie and asked, "What was the name of the original film that this Hindi film is a remake of?" for the Rs. 20,000 questions. Harsh confidently cited Arjun Reddy as Option A.

Since Harsh is a huge movie fan, he took his name when the megastar asked him who takes whom to the movies. But when Big B checked with his wife, she said they go to the movies together. The KBC host expressed his desire to witness the husband-and-wife team's adorable nok jhok.

Big B read out the next question for Rs 40,000 to continue the game. Which of these names refers to a gate at Delhi's Red Fort? B) Lahori Gate was the appropriate response, which was given by Harsh quickly. After answering these questions logically and without assistance, Harsh impressed Big B and he praised him.

For Rs. 3,20,000, Harsh arrived at the second "Padhaav": Which of these animals is also referred to as the "Killer Whale"? Harsh used his first safety net, the "Audience Poll," because he wasn't sure of the response. The right response was A) Orca.

The conversation then turns to Harsh's marriage, and he mentions that his wife is always happy to see him when he gets home from work. However, before he could finish, Big B intervenes and asks, "Today you are smiling too much who did you meet?" ". Big B responds, "Arey sir, does this happen with you too?" before Harsh can reply. "Sir, it's a universal truth," big replies." He continues by sharing a few incidents, which makes the host and the audience roar with laughter.

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