Akhilesh Yadav lashes out at UP government over crime rate
Akhilesh Yadav lashes out at UP government over crime rate

Lucknow: Former Uttar Pradesh CM and Samajwadi Party National President Akhilesh Yadav has said that the general public is being hit all the time under BJP rule. On one hand, the outbreak of corona is increasing. In 24 hours, there have been 18 deaths, while 1407 new cases were registered. Akhilesh said that everyone is upset due to inflation. The BJP government has proved incapable of stopping inhuman crimes like rape and murder of girls. Merchants are being robbed. Farmers are losing their lives but there is no cure for the bullying of BJP leaders, they are allowed to do so arbitrarily.

Akhilesh further said that the incident of kidnapping of a Dalit girl then rape and then murder is embarrassing humanity. The police sat on the complaint for 4 days. The insensitive attitude of the government on these events occurring on the next day is highly reprehensible. When will daughters be protected from hollow claims in the name of protection of daughters? The Chief Minister will have to take accountability for it.

Akhilesh further said that businessman Anil Aggarwal was brutally murdered in Mathura. The business of traders is unsafe in BJP rule. Traders are not getting security. In many districts of the state including the capital Lucknow, traders have been victims of loot, kidnapping and murder. There have been many cases of loot and rape in the CM's homeland, but the CM is still silent.

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