Amazing Facts: These facts about Iran will blow your mind

Apr 19 2019 08:23 PM
Amazing Facts: These facts about Iran will blow your mind

Iran is a country located in Western Asia. The official name of the country is the Islamic Public of Iran. Iran’s laws closely follow edicts given by strict Muslim clerics who took over the country in 1979. However, before the Shah was removed from power, Iranian culture was quite progressive and Westernized.

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  • In Persian, the word Iran means “Land of the Aryans.”
  • In 2012, Iran’s police chief announced that Google is a tool for spying. Additionally, the Iranian government wants to form a “national Internet” that would be under state control.
  • In Iran, couples that want a marriage license are required to take an hour-long lecture on contraception.
  • Iran first participated in the Olympics in 1948 and has sent athletes to every Summer Olympic Games since then, except for 1980 and 1984. Iran has also participated in the winter Olympics multiple times since 1956.
  • Approximately 14.2% of Iranians are obese, making it the 41st most obese country in the world. American Samoa is the largest, with 75% of its population obese. The United States is 6th in the world, with 33.9% of the population obese.
  • Iran’s GDP per 2016 estimates is $425.3 billion.
  • Nearly half of Iran has an arid desert climate. It receives less than 4 inches of precipitation each year.
  • Approximately 70% of Iran’s population is under the age of 30.
  • In Iran, men who do not marry stay with their natal family their entire life and are described as na-mard.
  • Since ancient times, people in Iran have used a water supply system called a qanat (or kanat). It collects underground water and moves it through tunnels to places where people need it.
  • If a woman is raped in Iran, the police have the power to force a man to marry his victim, with or without her assent, though he can divorce her immediately after. In Iran, a divorced woman is more marriageable than an unmarried girl with a ruptured hymen.
  • In Iran, females over the age of nine must wear a hijab in public. Additionally, religious rules do not allow women to wear bathing suits when men are present.

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