Painful! Sister died due to lightning, brother says: I'm going to die too...
Painful! Sister died due to lightning, brother says: I'm going to die too...

Meanwhile, another case has come to light where the Amritsar man was engaged in Jaipur. He took his sister to Jaipur from Bullet Motorcycle Ltd. He stayed with his cousin in Jaipur. When the brother went for a walk with his sister to Amer Fort in the evening, the sister lost her life, and then before the lightning struck the sister and then the brother lost his life. 

In Jaipur, several persons died due to lightning. Among the deceased were brothers and sisters from Amritsar who were residents of Cheharta and had come to Jaipur. After receiving the information, there was a wave of grief in the area. Earlier, lightning struck sister Shivani. The brother called home that Shivani was electrocuted and died. After that, the lightning struck Amit, which also killed him.

Amit, 31, and Shivani, 25, both came to Jaipur from Amritsar, 700 km away, to their aunt's house. The taxi fare was high and Amit was fond of bullet motorcycles and the two brothers and sisters left for Jaipur on bullet motorcycles. In fact, his cousin Rajesh Sharma lives in Sanganer in Jaipur. The weather was good so the two went for a walk. The two had set out for a walk at the Watch Tower in Amer. Amit used to do marketing work and there was talk of his engagement in Jaipur. After the accident, cousin Rajesh Sharma said that he had received a call and his sister died, I am also going to die. After a while, I called. The police picked up the call and said he who had a phone also died.

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