Minors smoking cigarettes, research revealed

Feb 26 2020 10:29 AM
Minors smoking cigarettes, research revealed

The problem of smoking is increasing among children all over the world, but do you know why children start smoking at a young age? Actually, when children are abused or ignored in the house, they move towards smoking cigarettes. After bad behavior at home, children start cigarettes or other bad habits at a young age. This has been revealed in research. This report has been published in the journal Substance.

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Regarding this matter, the report said that abusing children in the home can be very risky. This type of behavior with children, especially in childhood, proves quite fatal. Because of this type of behavior, children start smoking. After this, smoking becomes a habit of children gradually.

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Apart from this, Susan Yoon, an assistant professor at Ohio State University in the US, said that they investigated the data of such children in which children are treated badly and ignored. At the same time, he told that the case of misconduct was seen separately. So that they could know the effect of cigarette smoking in children. He told that addiction to cigarette smoking in children is a serious social problem. It also said that smoking cigarettes do not work properly for children at a young age. Not only this, but it also shows its effect in ending the mind. He said that we know that one who starts smoking cigarettes at a young age becomes a habit.

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