Corona cases increasing rapidly in America, death toll reached one lakh
Corona cases increasing rapidly in America, death toll reached one lakh

Washington: The coronavirus epidemic is increasing continuously in the world, for the last few days, a million new cases are coming in the world every day. If we talk about America, the death toll here is increasing rapidly towards one lakh. In the last twenty-four hours, there were 638 deaths in the US, which is a low figure in recent times.

So far, more than 97 thousand deaths have occurred due to Coronavirus in America and this week this figure can touch one lakh. America is the country where the coronavirus has caused the most damage. Around 1.6 million people are still vulnerable to the Coronavirus. On the other hand, on the orders of US President Donald Trump, America is now slowly open. However, on the previous day, the US banned any traveller coming from Brazil.

Until the next order, no person will be able to come to America from Brazil, although American citizens returning from there will get a concession from it. The US has taken this decision because the cases of coronavirus in Brazil are increasing very fast and so far there have been about three and a half lakh people infected.

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