America still needs to be cautious with North Korea - US Defense Secretary
America still needs to be cautious with North Korea - US Defense Secretary

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis today appreciated North Korea's efforts to find new potential routes for peace. However, he issued a warning with the same saying that America still needs to be cautious about countries like North Korea with nuclear weapons.   

It is notable that his remarks came after the historic summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong, in Singapore. At the summit, the two leaders had signed a joint statement in which Kim had shown his commitment to working towards complete disarmament of the Korean Peninsula. 

Carter said that the summit, announced Thursday by trump that took place on June 12 in Singapore, is "certainly a cause of hope," but said that expectations should be manipulated or high. "You can't be optimistic when it come to North Korea on the basis of history," he said.

Quoting Trump at the summit, Mattis said: "The past does not need to define the future." Matisse was addressing the graduation ceremony of a U.S. Naval War College in Rhode Island, USA.  During this time, he said, "There is now a possible new path for peace with North Korea, but we still have to be cautious."

Earlier, Trump told reporters that he has solved the North Korean nuclear problem in a big way. After the Trump-Kim summit in Singapore, US Defense Secretary Jim Matisse has said that the US still needs to be cautious with countries like North Korea.

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