America warns china for doing military practice in south Indian sea
America warns china for doing military practice in south Indian sea

Washington: The US Ministry of Defense Pentagon has expressed concern over China's military practice over the disputed Iceland in the South China Sea. Also cautious that this will increase tensions in the area. China has decided to conduct military exercises from July 1 to July 5 on the 'Paracel Islands' of the South China Sea.

The US has clearly stated that military exercises will have an impact on the border dispute of Taiwan, Vietnam and China in the region and may result in upheaval. Along with this, the US has reminded China of the 2002 proposal in the case of South China Sea, which has said to increase controversy and ignore activities that disturb peace. The United States has stated in clear terms that the current military exercise is part of its longstanding and long-standing activities to strengthen China's illegal maritime claim in the area and to end neighbors' rights.

Let us tell you that China makes its claim on large areas of South China Sea and 'Paracel' island, which the US does not accept. The US and China are currently under severe stress due to the Corona epidemic. President Trump has accused China of hiding information related to the Coronavirus and, moreover, the US has broken ties with the WHO, accusing it of protecting China.

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