"Modi Hai to Mumkin Hai" US foreign Minister says ahead visit to India

Washington: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has expressed his desire to take bilateral relations with India to the next stage by mentioning the popular slogan "Modi Hai To Mumkin Hai" of the Lok Sabha elections in India, and said that the President of the United States, Donald Trump and Modi administrations have a "unique opportunity" to do so.

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In his important speech on India's policy at the India Ideology summit of US-India Business Council, Pompeo said on Wednesday that, "as PM Modi said in his recent campaigning campaign that," Modi Hai to Mumkin Hai ", in view of the same, I would like to find out What is possible between our people. "

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On his visit to New Delhi this month and the keen to meet PM Modi and foreign Minister S Jaishankar, Pompeo mentioned some "big ideas and great opportunities" that can take the relationship of the two countries to a new level. He informed his India mission that he believes in reality that the two countries have a unique opportunity to move forward together for the good of their people, the Indo-Pacific region and the world. Pompeo will be touring India, Sri Lanka, Japan and South Korea from June 24 to 30.





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