NASA's great success, Vegetables can be grown on Mars and Moon
NASA's great success, Vegetables can be grown on Mars and Moon

London: Scientists at the US Space Agency (NASA) have succeeded in growing crops by artificially preparing Mars and Moon-like environments and soils. They believe that if human settlements are set up on the Red Planet (Mars) and the Moon in future, food will be able to be grown there for them.

Researchers at the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands have also stated that seeds are also likely to be acquired from crops grown on Mars and the moon, to allow a new crop to be grown. He grew ten different varieties of crops including haleem, tomato, radish, rye, quinoa, spinach and peas. Weiger Weimlink of Wageningen University said that, "We were very happy when we saw the first tomatoes grown in artificially prepared Mars soil turning red."

Scientists gave information that these crops can also be eaten. The researchers said that radish, garden plants and rye-borne seeds have been successfully germinated and tested. These seeds are suitable in every way for preparing another crop. He said that this research will help a lot in the coming time.

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