'Not Suffering From Any Disease': Amit Shah On Rumours About His Health
'Not Suffering From Any Disease': Amit Shah On Rumours About His Health

New Delhi: Different rumors were spreading for many days regarding the health of Union Home Minister Amit Shah. But now Amit Shah himself has dismissed these rumors. Home Minister Amit Shah has tweeted that for the last several days, people were spreading rumors about my health through social media. Amit Shah has dismissed all rumors by tweeting. Shah said that people also prayed for my death.

Amit Shah has also shared a letter with it, in which he has given a message to those who are worried about his health. Amit Shah has written that "For the last several days, some friends have spread many concoctions about my health through social media. Even many people have tweeted for my death. The country is currently fighting a global epidemic like Corona and as the home minister of the country, I did not pay attention to all this due to being busy in my work till late night. When it came to my knowledge, I thought that all these people should continue to enjoy their imaginary thinking, so I did not give any clarity.

He further wrote that "But millions of my party workers and my well-wishers have expressed great concern for the last two days and I cannot ignore their concern." That is why I want to clarify today that I am completely healthy and I do not have any disease. According to Hindu beliefs, it is believed that such rumors strengthen health. That is why I hope to all such people that they will leave these meaningless things and let me do my work and will also do their own work. I thank my well-wishers and all the workers of the party for asking me about my well being and worrying me. And I have no ill-will or malice towards the people who have spread these rumors. thank you too.''


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