Amul fired 1 lakh 38 thousand Muslim employees?
Amul fired 1 lakh 38 thousand Muslim employees?

Ahmedabad: A message related to dairy company Amul is fast going viral on social media. The message, which is going viral through Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp, claims that Amul's owner Anand Seth has fired 1.38 lakh, Muslim employees, from his factory. Many users are sharing this post as true on social media.

In fact, Amul, Anand Dau of Gujarat, is famous for its dairy products and is a reputed dairy company. No decision to fire employees was reported on the company's Twitter account and official website. At the same time, no news has revealed such a decision by the company. Amul Managing Director RS Sodhi has denied the claim in several reports. Sodhi said that in the last two years, the company has not fired a single employee and Amul does not have 1.38 lakh employees. Amul's factories employ a total of 16,000 to 17,000 employees. According to Sodhi, employees are selected on merit and their religion will never be based on anyone who is removed.

In the viral message, a man named Anand Seth is said to be the owner of Amul. According to Sodhi, Amul is a cooperative society and has no owner. Its owners are farmers concerned who supply milk to the company. These farmers are from different religions and communities. No one named Anand Seth is the owner, CEO, or part of the management of the company. Now the company's MD has reported that Amul has not fired a single employee for the past two years, so the viral claim is baseless and false.

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