Andhra Pradesh: Doctors in Guntur perform a rare surgery to replace the foot

Nov 22 2020 11:08 PM
Andhra Pradesh: Doctors in Guntur perform a rare surgery to replace the foot

Guntur (Andhra Pradesh): Doctors in a private hospital in Guntur It took 10 hours to replace b. Krishnayya's completely broken leg. This is a rare surgery. The medical team who performed the surgery includes cosmetic surgeon Dr Vishwanath and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Sivaramakrishna.

Sources said B Krishna was seriously injured in the attack on Saturday in Mamilapalli village in Shantam Gulur uarea of Prakasam district. When his family took him to a super specialty hospital in Guntur, his left leg was almost separate from his body. According to the famous cardio-thoracic and vascular surgeon Dr Immadicity Maruti Prasad, "The victim suffered serious injuries with several cracks in the left arm and left leg. When he was brought here, the left leg was hanging from the body. "

Dr Prasad said the patient was placed in the ICU after the accident. This is a very sensitive and rare surgery. Because it requires muscle tissue stitching. Otherwise they will damage the organ. It's a serious matter. We took it into our hands. This was the first case of a full-fledged leg change in the state, he said.

Dr Raghav Sharma, Chairman, Lalit Super Speciality Hospitals and Managing Director, Lalit Super Speciality Hospitals, Dr. P. Vijaya, congratulations.

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