Another new feature came on WhatsApp

WhatsApp states are becoming very famous in India these days. users are also using WhatsApp states to share their photos and videos with people in their contacts. But WhatsApp states are not just pictures and videos. you can also share your text posts in WhatsApp states. It also makes states fun by putting GiF images on WhatsApp. In WhatsApp, any contact can be replaced by a message through a GIF image. The way it is very simple. Let us know about it in detail:

How to Apply WhatsApp Gif States:-

First, open WhatsApp.
Three options chats, Status and Call will appear at the top of WhatsApp.
Out of this, you have to click on the States option.
Where bottom right will also see two other option photos and the other will also see editing options in packaging style.
The other option has to be clicked. Here you will see the option to set emojis and GiF.
WhatsApp has also given an option to search for Gif images, which will also be able to search by name.
You will also get the option to write text posts. There is also going to be an option to change the font and colour of the text.
This way you can make your WhatsApp states fun.

How to Gif-replace:-
First of all, the chat bar of the one who has to be replaced by Gif has to be opened.
Then click the emoji option that appears on the left of the chat bar.
Where you're going to get Gif, stickers and emoji options.
In this way, you will also be able to re-please through Gif image from here.

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