Archana Gautam declares the start of the Cold War
Archana Gautam declares the start of the Cold War

New contestants have once again entered the Bigg Boss 16 house. Sajid Khan and Abdu Rozik are summoned by Bigg Boss to the confessional at the start of the first episode, where Sajid is asked to serve as Abdu's translator. While Sajid continues to translate everything he says, they both encounter some amusing situations in the home.

Archana Gautam is removed from the cooking duty by captain Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia because there are already six people cooking. All the girls side with Nimrit during Archana and Nimrit's heated argument. After a heated argument, Nimrit assigns Archana the cleaning duty and relieves her of her responsibility for cooking and making breakfast. Archana initially objects to the new task, but eventually agreed to it.

First, Shalin Bhanot, playing the role of Aamir Khan, receives a prank call from Bigg Boss telling him to jump in the pool. In the end, he dives into the pool three times. Gautam Vig then receives a call from Hrithik Roshan, is given a task to demonstrate his physique, and performs his signature steps in each room.

Tina Datta and Abdu receive a prank call from Sonu Nigam asking them to perform a task where Tina will dance and Abdu will sing on the balcony. When Archana receives the final prank call, Pankaj Tripathi assigns her the task of going to mark the forehead of the person she believes to be useless in the household with bekar. Archana quickly grabs a dark lipstick and makes her way to Nimrit while laughing viciously. She explains to the woman that Bigg Boss has given her the assignment to draw something on her head.

Without revealing the assignment, Nimrit won't allow Archana to touch her. Nimrit is persuaded by Archana, and when she inscribes Bekar on her forehead, Nimrit's heart is broken. Nimrit reveals that nobody liked the tea Archana had made, and a few of them even threw it, during the main argument. As Nimrit says, so do Priyanka and Manya. Nimrit then says that she didn't tell her because she didn't want to offend Archana's feelings, but now that the task is complete, she no longer wants to speak to Archana. When Archana continues to refuse to listen, Nimrit makes this revelation. As she sobs, Nimrit runs to the restroom.

Later, when Sreejita De asks for assistance and asks Archana to help clean the kitchen a little, Archana gives it back to her and declines to clean more than once. These disagreements between Archana and the house's female residents occur.

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