Arvind Kejriwal takes a friendly move, seeks support and guidance from L-T
Arvind Kejriwal takes a friendly move, seeks support and guidance from L-T

Arvind Kejriwal takes a friendly move, seeks support and guidance from L-T

A scrimmage between Delhi Government and respective Lieutenant Governor becomes a part of ruling since the AAP government came into the rule. For taking a step forward for alignment between the two, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday has sought support and guidance of L-T, Anil Baijal for being in accordance with Supreme Courts order.

Notably, yesterday only the apex court ruled out that “L-G cannot act independently unless where the Constitution allows. L-G cannot be an obstructionist, he must take advice from the Council of Ministers. The Council has to inform the L-G of its decisions. The L-G must work harmoniously with the state, the L-G and council of ministers have to be constantly aligned. There is no space for anarchy,”.

After the verdict, the Delhi CM wrote to L-T: “All stakeholders need to work towards implementing the honorable Supreme Court order in its letter and spirit. I am writing this letter to seek your support and guidance in implementing it and working for the development of Delhi,”. While giving a special space to the recent order that was rejected by the bureaucrats Kejriwal expressed that the move was illegal.

The AAP leader stated that “Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has received a note from the Chief Secretary that since the Ministry of Home Affair's notification has not been specifically quashed, they will continue to follow the same despite Supreme Court orders. I believe that would be the wrong course of action,”. While asserting on following the decision of apex court he said: “If the files related to 'Services' are placed before the honorable L-G and the L-G acts on them, it would clearly amount to contempt of the honorable Supreme Court in the light of aforesaid judgment. I am sure L-G will never like to knowingly commit contempt of Supreme Court,”.

The letter concluded with the words: “support for the development of Delhi, for implementing public welfare schemes and for the implementation of the order of Supreme Court".

While inviting contrary views of L-T Kejriwal said: “We plan to issue orders tomorrow to all functionaries of Delhi Government on the above lines. We hope we have your kind support for the same. In case you have contrary views on any of the above issues, kindly do let me know. If you desire, myself and my Cabinet colleagues can come over for a discussion,”

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