Now students passing UPSC will call terrorist 'Laden' great, watch video
Now students passing UPSC will call terrorist 'Laden' great, watch video

New Delhi: After the controversial videos of faculty members related to Vision IAS came to light, the video of another famous teacher is going viral on social media. The teacher's name is Avadh Pratap Ojha, who teaches at IQRA IAS Institute in Maharashtra. In the video, he is seen glorifying terrorist Osama Bin Laden.


In the video, Ojha sir is seen saying, "Osama Bin Laden. He knew who I had to fight. Killed on the Twin Tower. The whole world knew his name. He entered the House of America and slapped them. This is an achievement. He attacked only once. It's called a dream. That doesn't mean the U.S. military killed him (Bin Laden).'' In another video, Ojha talks about the origins of Islam. He is saying, "When Islam was born, there was darkness all over the world. Read the history of Islam. In Europe, women were being burned in the name of a witch hunt. There was a practice of Sati in India. Girls were being killed in China. There was darkness all around, and in the midst of the darkness, Mohammad sahib stood with a lamp in his hand, Islam... love...messages.''



Ojha Sir says, "Mohammed used to go every day by one way. There was a woman throwing garbage on them. If someone throws garbage on us, we will shoot him how someone threw garbage on us. How to throw garbage at the teacher. But one day the woman did not throw garbage at Mohammed, so Mohammed went inside the house. He asked where she is. I found out she was sick. He asked the move that I would pray to the owner that you get well soon.'' Let us know that Avadh Pratap Ojha is a senior faculty of history in IQRA IAS. He is a lawyer by profession and has been teaching UPSC aspirants for the past 15 years. After this video of his came out, once again the debate has started on social media that what are the teachers who are preparing for the exam like UPSC are teaching the candidates.

Earlier, some videos of Smriti Shah, a teacher of Vision IAS, a coaching centre who prepared for the civil services examinations, had gone viral, in which she was describing Sheikh Abdullah as the most liberal and socialist. Not only this, in one of the videos, Smriti Shah was also justifying the exodus and exploitation of Kashmiri Pandits.

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