''Attempts by Govt to find a solution to Naga political issue is futile'' says Nagaland Congress

The Nagaland Congress has accused the state govt ofworking against a long-term solution to the knotty Naga issue.  "The truth is that they (the state govt) are against the execution of a solution," said K Therie, head of the Nagaland Congress.

"When we pressured the Indian government for the execution of the solution, it answered, 'Yes, but we also have to respect the people's government,'" Therie added. "However, this people's government has lied...," he continued. The people of Nagaland have recognised and respected the Agreed Position, but the people's government refuses to follow it."

In regard to Naga political talks, the Nagaland Congress chairman further accused the state administration of breaking the people's trust. "...if the state govt wants a solution, they should agree to the Agreed Points... and push the Indian government to put it into effect," Therie said.

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