Pollution reduced in Australia Open, now referee will decide the time of match

Jan 18 2020 02:28 PM
Pollution reduced in Australia Open, now referee will decide the time of match

The organizers of the Australia Open set the air quality rating standards on Saturday, 18 January 2020, after severe criticism over toxic smoke during qualifying. After that, it can now be ensured that when the game has to be stopped. Melbourne's air quality was rated the worst in the world on Tuesday due to a fire in Australia's forests, and there was a slight improvement on Wednesday. At the same time people and their pets were asked to stay indoors, but despite this, the qualifying matches of the first Grand Slam of the year continued to be undone.

According to media reports, Dalila Jakupovic of Slovenia had to withdraw from the match due to a persistent cough, while Liam Brady of Britain claimed that many players had to undergo asthma treatment. Organizers released a five-level air quality rating on Saturday based on pollutants measured by Melbourne Park's monitoring centers, following continued criticism.

For your information, let us tell you that if the 'Particulate Matter Rating' (PM 2.5) reaches 200, then the game can be stopped, and if it stays between 97 and 200, then the doctor and organizer will consider whether The match should continue. But if the match referee feels that the game should be stopped, he can do so. The rule will apply to all the outer courts, while games will be stopped at the Grandslam's three arenas until they are covered by the roof.

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