Baba Venga's 5 predictions for the year 2024, the new year will bring big troubles along with happiness
Baba Venga's 5 predictions for the year 2024, the new year will bring big troubles along with happiness

Now only a few days are left for the year 2024 to arrive. What is going to happen in the new year? Everyone is curious to know this. As soon as the new year arrives, the discussion about Baba Venga's prediction starts increasing. The predictions of Bulgaria's female prophet Baba Venga seem to be proving true year after year. In such a situation, Baba Venga has also predicted about the year 2024, which is going to bring a period of crisis along with happiness. Let us know Baba Venga's 5 predictions for the year 2024.

Baba Venga's prediction for the year 2024: Shocking fact on Putin - According to the most shocking prediction of Baba Venga in the new year, Russian President Putin may die in the year 2024. The cause of Putin's death will be murder. It has reportedly been told that only a Russian citizen could be responsible in this conspiracy against Putin.

Happiness regarding cancer - Baba Venga's predictions are often scary but the best prediction is that cancer treatment will be possible in the year 2024. According to Baba Venga's prediction, treatment for dangerous diseases like cancer and Alzheimer's can also be found. In such a situation, this prediction is like a ray of hope for the people.

Cyber Attack - Baba Venga's third prediction can prove dangerous for the digital world. Baba Venga has also predicted an increase in cyber attacks for the year 2024. According to him, cyber hackers can attack critical infrastructure like power grids and water treatment plants, which will pose an even greater threat to national security.

Terrorism will spread - Baba Venga's prediction regarding terrorism for the year 2024 is scary. According to Venga, a big country of the world can test biological weapons in the coming years. There is a possibility of terrorism increasing due to this.

Economic crisis - Baba Venga's prediction says that due to increasing tension, war and change in power from West to East, the world will face an economic crisis.

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