Babri demolition anniversary: Mathura, the city of Shri Krishna transformed into a cantonment
Babri demolition anniversary: Mathura, the city of Shri Krishna transformed into a cantonment

Lucknow: When the residents of Mathura, the city of Sri Krishna, woke up this morning, they saw their own city as a fort. This is exactly the scene shown to those who live especially around the Krishna Janmabhoomi temple. As per the directions of the state government, the local administration has protected three layers in Katra Keshav Dev area. This is the place where there is a controversy over mathura shahi Idgah masjid. Tell me, on this day, the Babri structure was also demolished in Ayodhya.

This security is also unprecedented because even after the Ram Janmabhoomi and Babri Masjid disputes in Ayodhya, harmony never deteriorated in Mathura. But this time some right-wing organizations have threatened to worship hindu customs within the mosque. In view of this, security has been beefed up in the vicinity. Police have barricaded every national and state highway connecting the city. Even on railway tracks passing behind temples and mosques, traffic has been stopped. Two trains coming to Mathura Vrindavan will also stop in the yard. Section 144 has been imposed and people are forbidden to gather. Identity cards of people going to temples or mosques are also being seen. surveillance is also being carried out through CCTV and drones.

The four right-wing organizations, the All India Hindu Mahasabha, the Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi Nirman Trust, the Narayani Sena and the Sri Krishna Mukti Dal, had sought permission from the administration in early December to install the statue of Ladoo Gopal in a ritual manner. This further increased the risk of worsening the situation. Hindu organizations claim that Sri Krishna was born at the place where the mosque is. Noted historian Jadunath Sarkar writes in his book History of Aurangzeb Volume 3 that 'on April 9, 1669, Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb ordered the demolition of temples and Hindu gurukuls, including Mathura.' It is said that after the demolition of the temple, the Idgah Mosque was built in part of it and there is a complete controversy about it, As it was in Ayodhya.

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