Know about the political journey of Baba Saheb Ambedkar
Know about the political journey of Baba Saheb Ambedkar

Ambedkar had seen about untouchability since childhood, he belonged to the Hindu mehr castes, who were considered inferior and touching the upper castes considered it a sin. For this reason, Ambedkar had to suffer discrimination in many places in the society. But ignoring all these things, he kept moving towards his goal. Explain that after returning to India, Ambedkar ji was breaking untouchability and casteism, which was not less than any disease, it was breaking the country in many parts and which was very important to be removed from the country, Ambedkar ji fought against it. 

Ambedkar ji said that there should be a separate electoral system in the country for low caste and tribe and dalit, they should also get full right to participate in the elections of the country. Ambedkar also spoke about their reservation and came forward for their rights. Ambedkar went to many parts of the country, and explained to the people that the old practice that is prevalent is like a social evil, it should be uprooted and thrown away. He started a news paper 'Muknayaka' (Leader of Silent). Once after hearing his speech at a rally, Kolhapur ruler Shahukar resigned from his post. 

Let us tell you that in the year 1936, Ambedkar formed the Swatant Mazdoor Party. In the 1937 Central Assembly elections, his party won 15 seats. Ambedkarji changed his party into All India Schedule Cast Party, with this party he stood in the election of Constituent Assembly in 1946, but his party had a very poor performance in the election. The Congress and Mahatma Gandhi gave the untouchable people the name Harijan, so that everyone started calling them Harijan, but Ambedkar did not like it at all and he opposed that. He said that untouchable people are also a part of our society, they too are simple people like the rest of the people. Ambedkar was placed in the Defense Advisory Committee and he was made the Minister of Labor in the Viceroy Executive Kausil. He became the first Law Minister of independent India, despite being a Dalit, his becoming a minister was a big title for him.

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