Bad condition of the people who reached the marriage ceremony, 330 people fell ill one after the other.

Latur: A big news is coming out from Latur district of Maharashtra, in which about 330 people fell ill after having food due to a wedding program in Nilanga tehsil. An official of the Health Department gave this news on Monday. He said the incident took place on Sunday in Kedarpur village where food was prepared for hundreds of persons.

Giving details of the matter, the officer said, "People complained of uneasiness after having the food while some started vomiting. A total of 336 persons from Kedarpur and Jawalga villages were brought to Ambulga Primary Health Center. Some were treated at the Valandi Primary Health Centre.

Apart from this, the officer said that now the condition of all is stable and they are getting the effect of treatment. Most of the people have been discharged. Along with this, the officer said that among those who complained of food poisoning, 133 are residents of Jawalga village, 178 from Kedarpur and 25 from Kate Jawalga village. He said that health teams are present in all the three villages to monitor the situation. At the same time, due to the sudden fall of so many people, there was a ruckus in the area and the police has started investigating the matter.

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