PUBG: Negative Side-Effects Of Playing PUBG Every Gamer Should Know
PUBG: Negative Side-Effects Of Playing PUBG Every Gamer Should Know

A PUBG player said, 'Whenever I'm free, I play PUBG. I still play PUBG when I'm busy." Whether you travel in the metro or on a bus or on a train, you'll find people playing PUBG  on mobile. PUBG mobile games have claimed many lives in India, so many have even committed thefts in their own homes. A few days ago, a teenager in Thane, Maharashtra, murdered his elder brother only because he refused to play PUBG. You will find many things that will make you think that PUBG is really so dangerous. Today, this game is about addiction.

Poor Physical Health: Playing games in one place and constantly is not good for health in any case. Whether you're playing games on your phone or on a computer, both have a bad effect on your eyes and may even cause bad eyes. You may also have headaches. In addition, you may also have a complaint of pain in your back.

Poor mental health: In 2018, WHO attributed video game addiction to mental disorder. Depression is being observed in people due to video games. Constantly playing PUBG games can also cause irritability and can make you feel lonely.

No sleeping habit: There are two reasons behind this. The first is that you don't go to sleep because the game is not over, and the second is to watch the screen for a long time and you don't sleep.

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