Banglore police to take help of effigy to prevent crime
Banglore police to take help of effigy to prevent crime

New Delhi: Police is taking the help of Artificial Intelligence to stop crime in big metros. In this sequence, the Bangalore Police will now use mannequins to catch drunk drivers and those who violate traffic rules. You may be wondering how these mannequins will catch people. Actually, these mannequins will be able to stand up and do their work.

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City Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao has said that 'These mannequins standing in place will soon be fitted with artificial eyes, which will act as cameras. These cameras will be equipped with face recognition technology and will be connected to a central server. Bhaskar Rao said, 'This software will identify criminals. It will also see how many times traffic rules have been broken by a vehicle. Accordingly, the challan will be created and will inform the police. A driver driving with alcohol with the help of an effigy was identified. When the mannequins do this work, the policemen can also be employed in other tasks. '

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Rao says that this technique is just the beginning. It has a lot of potentials. The Commissioner of Police of Bengaluru has told that other countries are also coming to see this technology. The US and France police departments have traveled to the city police department. They have also taken photographs of these mannequins. He says, 'It is not that only we are taking technology from other countries. Other countries are also learning from us.

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