If gold kept 'locker' gets stole then bank will not give a single penny, know new rules
If gold kept 'locker' gets stole then bank will not give a single penny, know new rules

New Delhi: Gold has been considered a safe investment medium since the old age. Even today, India has an emotional relationship with gold. But keeping gold in the house is not free from danger, because it is feared to be stolen, lost, so some people also keep gold in the locker. Many banks offer locker facility. If you are thinking of something similar, it is very important to have full knowledge of it first.

If you have kept the gold jewellery in the bank locker or some of the most important things that are completely safe there, let's say for your information that the bank does not take responsibility if the goods in the locker are damaged due to theft, fire or any other reason. Note the RBI guidelines in the year 2017 on how safe the gold yo placed in the locker is. According to which, "In case of no accident, the banks should compensate the customers for the valuables in the locker."

This directly means that if there is any kind of untoward in a bank, such as robbery in the bank, fire, some kind of natural calamity, the bank will not compensate its customers in the case of war. This is because there is no mention regarding liability payments in the bank's locker agreement, the entire responsibility is that of the customer to insure their valuables.

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