Batmobile gone EV? Check out this 4x4 to 6x6 pickup
Batmobile gone EV? Check out this 4x4 to 6x6 pickup

It's always fun to keep an eye out for new vehicles. In comparison to an ICE vehicle, there is substantially more potential for experiments in a concept vehicle with an electric engine. There is lot to talk about on this subject, with the automobile business ripe for change with legacy auto manufacturers and automotive startups generating some fascinating models.

This fully electric pickup truck, dubbed Thundertruck, is the result of Wolfgang's new IP section, which focuses on unique innovations and design. The Thundertruck idea is a unique perspective on the fast-evolving electric pickup truck revolution, featuring features that have yet to be seen in commercially available electric pickup trucks.

The concept was created to envision what electric pickup trucks may look like in the future. In terms of appearance, it appears to be a beefed-up version of the Tesla Cybertruck. The front has a broad sloping windshield, a flat face, and a center-positioned LED bar that serves as a headlight. The EV's zero-emission identity is highlighted by elegant blue LED daytime running lights on both ends of the front fascia.

Other design components of this electric pickup truck include enormous off-road-spec wheels, huge wheel arches, strong roof rails, slim, LED lighting at the side profile and as taillights, and sloped suspension to enable the EV for difficult task.

It has plenty of space inside, as well as a trendy design and high-end amenities. The EV has an unusual squarish steering wheel, as well as a big digital display that integrates both the instrument cluster and the touchscreen infotainment system. In addition, instead of rotary knobs and buttons, the centre console receives a complete touchpad. Touch panels are installed on the door trims. A secondary integrated display for the passenger is added to the dashboard. The holographic information display, though, is the most intriguing aspect.

The Thundertruck electric pickup truck is said to have a range of 901 kilometres on a single charge and can sprint from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in 3.5 seconds. Two solar awning roof storage pods are included with the multi-purpose EV. It can travel anywhere and accomplish anything, according to the manufacturer.

The modular design of this EV is the most intriguing feature. To execute various tasks, certain components of the vehicle can be retracted. It also has the ability to transform from a four-wheeler to a six-wheeler. The range extender transforms the vehicle from a 4x4 to a 6x6 configuration. Steps provide convenient access to the cargo deck. There is an extended loading ramp that makes loading two- and four-wheel motorcycles more easier.

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