bhujbals claim i may be murdered
bhujbals claim i may be murdered

Mumbai : Maharashtra Food and Civil Supplies Minister Chhagan Bhujbal has claimed that he could be murdered. Citing the police intelligence report, Chhagan Bhujbal claimed in the state assembly on Wednesday that 'he may be shot and he is being threatened for the last two months.' It is noteworthy that recently people had reached Chhagan Bhujbal's car and the accused had asked Chhagan Bhujbal not to speak against Maratha reservation. 

Chhagan Bhujbal made this claim: Reports say that in his address during the winter session of the Assembly, Chhagan Bhujbal said that his image is being created as anti-Maratha reservation, whereas he is not against Maratha reservation. Reports say that Chhagan Bhujbal is opposing the inclusion of Maratha reservation in the OBC quota. Bhujbal has said that like all the parties, he is also adopting the same stand that Maratha community should not be given reservation in OBC quota. They are also being abused and threatened over the phone every day. Let us tell you that Manoj Jarange, who was demanding Maratha reservation, had accused Bhujbal of spreading tension between Marathas and OBC class. Jarange had said that Bhujbal is trying to spoil the atmosphere of the state. 

Politics heated up over Chhagan Bhujbal's statement:   Politics has become even more heated over Chhagan Bhujbal's claim made in the Assembly. Maharashtra Congress President Nana Patole has alleged that there is no coordination in this government. They have not made any policy for OBCs and are just exploiting them. Maharashtra government wants to get rid of reservation and for this it is trying to create conflict between OBCs and Marathas. So that in this fight they forget reservation. BJP has made this plan to avoid reservation. 

NCP-Sharad Pawar faction leader Rohit Pawar said on this that he does not agree with the kind of statements Chhagan Bhujbal is seen making. I am against such speeches. If their lives are in danger then the government should pay attention to it and their security should be increased. It is not right to threaten to kill someone in Maharashtra and we are completely against it.

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