Big Breaking: Fire breaks out in three-storey building in Indore, people burnt alive

Indore: A big news has come from Indore. Yes, a big accident has happened here late last Friday night. According to the information received, a fire broke out in a three-floor building in the Vijay Nagar police station area here. It is being told that the fire was so severe that 7 people died by burning alive while 8 people were seriously scorched. At the same time, all the injured in this incident have been admitted to MY Hospital. However, till now no clear information has been received regarding the cause of the fire. This case is being told of Swarnabagh locality of Vijay Nagar.

According to the information received, suddenly smoke started coming out of the building late in the night, and during this time, till people could understand something, the fire took a horrific form. As soon as people understood, they informed the fire brigade about this fire. At the same time, the fire brigade vehicles that reached the spot brought the fire under control after a lot of effort but by then it was too late. It is being told that 7 people present inside the building were burnt alive. On the other hand, after getting information about the fire, the officials who reached the spot have started investigation regarding the cause of the fire.

However, in the preliminary investigation so far, short circuit is being told as the cause of the fire. On the other hand, after the information of the fire, people came out from the surrounding houses and buildings on the road, but the biggest and relief thing is that the fire has not caused any damage to the surrounding houses or buildings.

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