Big road accident in Bihar, 6 people died
Big road accident in Bihar, 6 people died

Patna: A horrific road accident was reported from Bakhtiyarpur in Bihar on Friday. Here on the highway, a mini truck overturned on an E-rickshaw full of passengers. In this, 6 people lost their lives. Also, 5 people were seriously injured, who have been admitted to the hospital for treatment. A mini-truck overturned on an E-rickshaw on the highway near Lakhpura village in Bakhtiyarpur. Six persons were killed and five others were seriously injured in the accident. At the time of the accident, people present in the vicinity started rescue work and informed the police.

Subsequently, the police with the help of locals shifted the injured persons and the bodies to the hospital. It is being said that people were going towards the village in E-rickshaws after working in the local market. Meanwhile, there was a terrible road accident. Hearing the screams of the people, the locals rushed to the spot. Due to this, people saw that 3 people had died on the spot, while 8 people were seriously injured. Who was referred to Patna. In this, 3 more people died. ASP Bharat Soni said that 5 people are still admitted in the hospital, who are undergoing treatment.  

On the other hand, there was a scream on Panipat Khatima Road in Muzaffarnagar, UP, on Friday when a tractor trolley of people going to satsang was hit by an uncontrolled truck. In this accident, a woman died on the spot. At the same time, more than 10 people were seriously injured. All have been admitted to the hospital for treatment.

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