Bigg Boss's wakeup music is replaced by BB Anthem
Bigg Boss's wakeup music is replaced by BB Anthem

Salman Khan's controversial captive reality series Bigg Boss 16 debuted yesterday, and in addition to a number of other factors, the intriguing new contestants are one of the reasons why the programme is already generating buzz. Abdu Rozik, Sajid Khan, Tina Dutta, Priyanka Choudhary, Soundarya Sharma, and other well-known figures are among the new contestants competing this time.

The Bigg Boss contestants are seen dancing to a foot-tapping Bollywood dance number in the most recent Bigg Boss promo. After that, it is revealed that Bigg Boss has abandoned its 15-year tradition of playing music to rouse contestants in the morning. The Bigg Boss anthem will take the place of the routinely played music that gets people moving. As one might expect, the contestants dislike this new change and object to Bigg Boss' directives, but they nonetheless express their displeasure. It will be interesting to see how the competitors handle such a drastic change in routine.

According to the advertisements, this season of Bigg Boss is going to be a lot of fun, exciting, and entertainment. As the host, Salman Khan will see to it that no one person has a greater advantage than the others during the management of the show. Additionally, as the host, he has years of experience, which should guarantee that the game is played in the appropriate spirit.

Weekend Ka Vaar will now air on Friday and Saturday on Bigg Boss 16, as opposed to Saturday and Sunday every season. Additionally, the digital streaming service for the show will offer exclusive inside-the-house footage, an improvement over previous seasons. Let's see how Bigg Boss season 10 holds up.

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