Bihar’s Gynecologist Dr. Chandni Sehgal Sheds Light On The Advancement Of Medical Colleges In The State

Jul 22 2021 05:57 PM
Bihar’s Gynecologist Dr. Chandni Sehgal Sheds Light On The Advancement Of Medical Colleges In The State

Carroll Bryant once quotes, “No matter how many plans you make or how much in control you are, life is always winging it”. The best decisions are made without much thinking and life always moves in the right direction. This is how Dr. Chandni Sehgal moved towards the path of becoming a gynecologist. A bright student always, she pursued MBBS in hopes of fulfilling her father’s wish of seeing her as a doctor.

There came a time in her life when she was standing at a crossroads. She had to choose between her desire; dermatology, and her father’s wish; neurology, to pursue during her post-graduation. But life had other things already planned for her. Her destiny led her towards the field of OB-GYN and with constant diligence and dedication, Dr. Chandni Sehgal aced her academics. What was once a spontaneous selection became the unerring track that she walked upon.

She has been teaching at MGM Medical College, Kishanganj, Bihar; as an assistant professor in the OB-GYN department. MGM is a private medical college with a 700-bed hospital where patients from all over the nation come for top-notch care. The best part is that everything, including medicines, investigations, and procedures, as well as the entire therapy, is provided free of charge. Every day, around 3000-3500 patients go there to be treated by the country's top specialists.

There are very few people in this world who can proudly say that they love what they do. According to Dr. Chandni Sehgal, when someone does a job that brings them peace and joy, then nothing can be better. Bringing a new life on earth and working tirelessly to bring into many cradles the cry of a newborn, she feels very fortunate to be a doctor. She believes that it is like a blessing to her that she gets the opportunity to share her knowledge with society at such a place that works holistically for the betterment of society.

A renowned gynecologist and obstetrician of Bihar, Dr. Chandni Sehgal recently performed a Wertheim’s Hysterectomy, a complicated surgery done for carcinoma cervix. This is a significant accomplishment in her medical career, as this operation is a major undertaking in many other institutions and is generally reserved for the most senior and experienced doctors. Having the opportunity to conduct such a procedure so early in her career, she has accomplished something that few others could even fathom.

Intending to depict in front of the world how modern and advanced Bihar and its medical departments have become, Dr. Chandni Sehgal has been working day and night to help her college gain the much-deserved recognition. Her commitment and devotion towards her institute is something that makes her stand apart from others of her kind. Having students from all around the country enroll in their courses and learn all the best and latest treatments to become the future surgeons, Dr. Chandni’s and her private college are amongst the esteemed medical institutions. She is considered to be one of the best gynecologists and an extremely knowledgeable professor her students could ever get.       

You can connect with Dr. Chandni Sehgal on Instagram- @busy_birthing. You can also visit her website-

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